ToroGames was a start-up studio whose main project was ToroFun, a new social community focused on casual games. My concrete role in the project would be a kind of techical producer. Responsible for the development team, the software&hardware architecture and general coordination. Plus… everyting: gamedesign, QA, system administrator….

As summary, we worked with:

  • Unity3D + NGUI + SmartFox Server.
  • Java + Netty + MySql (backend)

From nothing, we build a complete social platform.

These are our games:

  • BingoFun
  • BingoFun Express
  • RuletaFun
  • DominoFun
  • TiviaFun
  • TriviaFun Sports
  • ParchisFun
  • TapTap WorldCup MMO
  • Flappy Fever

All of them, multiplayer based on SmartFox.

But these games weren’t only that. Each one of them included a complete social pack. You could chat and make friends, customize your image and review your progress in the games.

See the playlist below, it includes samples of the last versions.

Even more… the business was in there.

  • With our advertisment system integrated, multiplatform.
  • With the integration of in-app purchasing with the main store (Google Play, iTunes) and WoloPay.

Even more… the games were released in all mobile platforms and stores, plus web.


Even more… all the games where localized to English and Spanish. Including some of them that were tranlated to Polish. Yes, you remember how fun is to play with NGUI + True Type Fonts. But we did it. I have to remind you that the system we build, allowed us to fast translate all the games to any language.

Even more… we developed a set of online tools to make easier the life to creative people that made them independent to explore their ideas. Such as:

  • The famous Backdoor, to hack the users (MUAHAHA)
  • GameObjects configurator, don’t forget, if some one change one progId, it will lose its hands.
  • Localization Pipeline, to manage all the localization process.

Even more… we developed a set of Unity3D tools to make easier the life to all of us:

  • MultiPlatform AssetBundle. If you have worked with Unity3D, you might know that there are downloadable asset integrated in it natively. Great, until you have multiplatform, because the downloable files are platform dependant. So, we did it multi platform. For example, we were able to add a complete new language without generating a new binary.
  • Building Settings Manager. This was a revelation when we finally got it. A system to easily change among several configuration settings, included in the Unity3D editor GUI.

Even more… we built an architecture to provide one Backend in-house. The backend to rule them all, prepared to manage any number of communities inside. At the end, you can ask it to do almost what evere you can imagine:

  • User management.
  • All kind of stats.
  • Items / achievements / anything among users.
  • Friendship.
  • Tracking of interactions.
  • Message system to user, broadcast or personalized.

Sadly, at one point the Backend was oversized, but really fun to do. Based on Java – Netty – MySQL, the backend included multi-zone distributed architecture; that is… remote geographically servers, working on the same data set and synchronized.