Game Jam 2015

Almost without planning, three of us met at the Game Game organized by Vide Game Army, hosted by the u-Tad (

Our team was formed by:

The main subject was one senctence: “WHAT DO WE DO NOW

All of us are developers, and we didn’t know what we want to do. No artists in the team. So eventually, we tended to a kind of technical demo.

Based on the main idea of the Game Jam, we decided to implement a universe full of planets. At the beginning, you don’t know what do you have to do, not any clue, that’s the sentence of the jam. What do we do is to discover how  to pass to the next planet.

It is puzzle plataformer based on circular gravity. We called it: PlanetON


Made with Unity3D, the integrated physics helped us a lot. But the most challenging part of the development was how to include the circular gravity, that affects all the mechanics and movements. We did it.

So simple in art, we used basic forms and standard assets of Unity3D to decorate the environment. In fact, we got the prize of the aucience to the art voted by Twitter.


To complete the prototype, we had a deadline of 48 hours. We didn’t spent the whole time. We calculate we dedicated between 20 and 24 hours each (maximum 72 hours in total).

You can see our final submission at: Global Game Jam 2015 – PlanetOn

This is the gameplay video (spoiler alert)

At our location, 10 games were finally submitted in time to the Global Game Jam, 100% of the projects: GAME JAM ON

This is the group of people that didn’t find anything more interesting to do in a weekend than work for free to create games.